Screw compressor units Delta Screw with direct drive

Screw compressor units Delta Screw with direct drive

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Screw compressor units Delta Screw with direct drive

Suitable for dry and clean compression of air and neutral gases

A single series for all volume flows.

They are among the world’s best-selling compressors: the direct-drive units that bear the name Delta Screw. Why? Because there is probably no other compressor that so uncompromisingly fulfils even the most demanding client requirements. Because you can cover a very broad range of volume flows with a single machine. Because these compressors are most efficient. Because they are legendary for their operational availability and longevity. And finally, because these amazing all-rounders enjoy a big advantage: they are “Made by AERZEN”.

11 Models. All contingencies.

They operate reliably in all the world’s temperature zones, indoors and out, in mobile or stationary deployment. What makes the Delta Screw so flexible? 11 direct-drive machines. 2 compressor groups with the specialised AERZEN rotor profile. A choice of discharge port sizes in the cylinder for ideal internal compression. And an almost unlimited spectrum of possible adaptations and accessories. Designed for the compression of air, nitrogen, and other neutral gases, the Delta Screw compressors are perfect for almost any possible application. The spectrum of the extended Delta Screw series also includes 7 belt-driven compressor models for volume flows (actual delivery depends on intake parameters) of from 120m³/h to2,650m³/h.

DELTA SCREW E-compressors. The savings will pay for the machine.

6% lower energy usage compared to conventional compressors – the AERZEN E-class (VML 60 G5-E, VML 95 G5-E, VM 45 G5-E, VM 75 G5-E, VM 100 G5-E) is making a significant contribution to the realisation of legal and company energy savings programs. And with almost 90% of total costs taken up by energy, this means releasing serious potential that can be devoted to environmental protection, improved company liquidity, and reduced life-cycle costs.

Screw compressor units Delta Screw with direct drive

The new AERZEN E-Compressor VM 100

AERZEN expands the range of energy-efficient Delta Screw systems with an additional size. The new VM 100 E-Compressor also offers extensive modifications and a versatile range of accessories.
Its distinguishing features: the efficient technology for use in the upper volume flow (from 1500 to 7620 m3/h) range and the integrated electric acoustic hood fan.


The advantages of Delta Screw at a glance:

  • Uniquely broad range of applications
  • Highly efficient
  • Low life-cycle costs
  • Extremely durable and robust
  • Low maintenance needs
  • Oil-free in accordance with ISO 8573-1, Class 0
  • 100% free of absorption materials
  • Made by AERZEN – made in Germany